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Live web development with auto-reload function

Live JavaScriptLivescript.co.uk specialises in live cms powered websites, where the contents of a page automatically updates itself when new content, created by either members, guests or the website, is found on the server. If the auto reload function is on, which is shown on the top left of the site under the options tab, a check is made for changes every 10 seconds. If changes have been made to the page within that time, it is pushed directly to the page without the need to refresh.

Server and bandwidth benefits

Both the browsing of a livescript website, and the livescript auto-reload function, only import data to the requested area. A regular server coded website, unless it uses frames, will calculate the entire page when navigating or refreshing. So a livescript website does less work on the server, and uses less bandwidth, but achieves better results.

Live navigation and form submission.

The livescript method can be applied to links and forms within a website, so a full webpage doesn't have to load again for the changing of small areas within it. This makes a website work faster, for the data to appear quicker which results in optimised server processor and bandwidth speeds.


Contacting Livescript

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