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Live Web Design and Development using LiveScript

Live Web developmentLivescript.co.uk specialises in live websites, where the contents of a page automatically updates itself when new content is found on the server using LiveScript, a method created in 2003/2004 using live server coded JavaScript.

LiveScript seamlessly imports live data

Live Web developmentLivescript.co.uk can import data collected locally or from the web and display it live on a webpage.
View the live feeds page for a demonstration.

Accessibility a High Priority

Accessibility a High PriorityLivescript.co.uk keep accessibility a high priority when developing websites, designing them to work without javascript where possible and using alternatives to Flash.

Live webcam pages

Latest Webcam ImageLivescript.co.uk can create live webcam pages for your home, office, or entertainment venue.

Live and Archived Statistics

Live and Archived StatisticsLivescript.co.uk statistics allow owners and/or users to see which pages are popular in real time.

Interactive Music Experimentation

Interactive Guitar (With Audio)Livescript.co.uk has extensive experience of interactive media on the web without using Flash.
Have a look at the interactive guitar.

Geographical Data Representations

UK ATM Machines

CSS3 & HTML5 3D Maze Project

CSS3 & HTML5 Maze ProjectLivescript.co.uk has been experimenting with CSS3 and HTML5 web languages and have attached it to the interactive maze that has been in development.


Live web design using live server side synchronous and asynchronous JavaScript (LiveScript), a method in development by its creator Mark Bailey since 2003
LiveScript makes sites Live!


Contacting Livescript

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